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One of the Guzheng teachers at Ping's Music School

Lucy Han

Senior A Guzheng Teacher

I began learning the Guzheng at the age of five. At the age of ten, I passed the Guzheng tenth level examination with excellent results. At the age of fifteen, I held a solo Guzheng concert for the first time. From 2007, I started to study under Wangwei, a famous Guzheng player as well as a professor in Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Having won many highest rewards in various Guzheng competitions both municipal and provincial, including one gold medal from a national competition called ‘Oriental Youth Star Art Competition’, I consider myself to have accomplished a relative high level of the Guzheng performance with a good command of playing techniques and rich stage experience.

I’ve acted as a Guzheng teacher in a music studio in China since 2012 and have developed a great interest in teaching the Guzheng since then. My diligent attitude towards teaching and my strictness in my teaching have gained high praise among both teachers and parents.  Meanwhile, I’m also attracted to students by showing great patience and kindness. Over the past decade, Guzheng is more than a long-lasting hobby that I’m proud to name; it is more of a company with which I have great emotional associations. I hope to pass on my passion and devotion to anyone who is attached to this attractive musical instrument.