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One of the Erhu teachers at Ping's Music School

Si Guangxing (Mason)

Junior Erhu Teacher

Si Guangxing came from Shandong province, China, and has been learning erhu since he was a child. His mentor, Cui Xingru,  a professional Erhu performer, member of the China Nationalities Orchestra Society and examiner of China Nationalities Orchestra Performance level test.

He has level 10 certification for Erhu in 2012 and has participated in provincial and national Erhu competitions and achieved excellent results.  He received first prize at the Art Performance Competition of Shandong in 2011 and second prize in 2010, first prize at the National Education of Performance Competition in 2012, first prize at the Chinese Artist Performance Exhibition.

Erhu is one of the most traditional Chinese-style instrument. Similar to the violin, Erhu is a difficult instrument to learn. It needs plenty of practice and the right instructions.

He has his own conception about Chinese erhu songs and is proficient in different Erhu skills. He has his own teaching theory and methods for each performance skill.  The rich experience of teaching and patience to students will help students to get the basic skills efficiently.  As long as you work hard, everyone can become the master.