Di Feng

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One of the Guzheng teachers at Ping's Music School

Feng Di – Guzheng Teacher

Education: music education bachelor

Working experience: more than 8 years

Now I have obtained the certificate of intermediate piano teacher of central music college

Central music college guzheng intermediate teacher certification

Resume: have been learning guzheng, in 2013, the central academy of music – music education major, study four years, during the period of school and after graduation has been engaged in guzheng piano teaching in the school work, has the rich teaching experience, has cultivated many students passed the examination with excellent performance, central academy of music and Chinese music institute employs 100% pass rate, lead students to participate in various piano competition every year, during the work actively cooperate with school work for students in the form of 3 times a year to report performance instruction repertoire, in eight years of work, accumulated rich experience in teaching, And can actively cooperate with school leaders to complete teaching tasks. Teaching characteristics: have a strong affinity, pay attention to basic skills and music interest cultivation. In the long-term teaching process, has accumulated rich experience in teaching, can according to the different situation of each of the students according to their aptitude, lets the student obtain the playing skill improve in a short time, hope that through my teaching, can make my students to enjoy the fun of music, and from the happy, edify their sentiment, to discover the best in each child.