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Xue Chen

Senior A Guzheng Teacher

Xue Chen, born in March of 1981, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Graducated from Zhejiang Art School and Shanghai Conservatory Of Music on traditional zither. Been taught by Mrs Gu Xiaoyan (National First Class zither performer), Professor Yuan Li and Professor Sun Wenyan (Both professors of Shanghai Conservatory Of Music). Worked for Zhejiang Opera Theater, Zhejiang Culture Museum and Zhejiang Provincial Culture Department.

  • Be a visit performer to Japan on behalf of the Zhejiang Youth Folk Music Group in 1996.
  •  Recorded in the program of Music Fragrance on CCTV. 国乐飘香栏目
  •  Held a successful teacher-students concert in 2005 at Zhejiang Opera House.
  •  Invited to be a performer at Zhejiang Famous Celebrities (名人名家) traditional zither concert.
  •  Invited by the Paris municipal government of France to be the performer during the Sino French Art Festival in 2012.

Having received professional studying and training, she provides both skill of zither performance and musical knowledge. Her students received excellent records in various events and competitions. Many of the students also got entrance to Shanghai Conservatory Of Music, East China Normal University Shanghai, and so on.