Terms & Conditions

  1. Payment of Fees

Clients are required to provide full payment of term fees before a permanent class position will be allocated. Please contact administration on 0450045556 if you wish to make other arrangements.

Ping’s Music Academy will not provide a refund on cancellation of lessons, however, the paid lessons are redeemable for any family member or friend within the year.

  1. Make Up Lessons
    In order to maintain the highest quality of music lessons for all students, Ping’s Music School will make every effort to re-schedule a lesson(s) when required. Prior notice of 24 hours must be provided of an absence to qualify for re-scheduling of a lesson*. With a late notification of absence, the lesson can be re-scheduled given that there is a valid medical certificate. If the student cannot re-schedule a lesson at any of the times offered by the teacher, his/her name will be written out on the End of Term make up list for arranging a time during the school holidays. Only two make-up classes for missed lessons per term can be entered on the End of Term make up list. Make up lessons are not transferable from term to term and refunds for further missed lessons are not available. Please note that that the makeup lessons during the school term or school holidays may be scheduled with a different teacher.If a make-up lesson is arranged and a new enrolment is booked on the same slot later, then priority will be given to the new enrolment and the current student will be offered another time-slot for the make-up lesson.

If the lesson is cancelled due to a teacher absence the students will be notified by SMS, e-mail or phone. In this case, a makeup lesson will be arranged either with the original teacher or a different teacher.

If a replacement teacher is available, the lessons will continue as scheduled and we will notify you by email. The replacement teacher will be up-to-date with all the material that was given to the student by his/her original teacher.
Where lessons are missed due to serious medical conditions, a credit toward lessons to be taken next term may be granted. A valid medical certificate must be provided. All such credits must be used in full during the next term and cannot be redeemed for cash. A refund of fees is not available under any circumstances.

*This make-up lesson policy only applies to individual instrumental classes, group instrumental classes which consist of student’s from the same family and morning group classes for pre-school aged children. We do not provide make-up lessons to group instrumental classes with children from different families

  1. Replacement Teacher

If your teacher, for some reason, abruptly discontinues his/her teaching at Ping’s Music School during the term, we will make every effort to organise a replacement teacher to take over the classes for the remainder of the term.

A refund will not be given unless there is no replacement teacher available to take over the classes.

  1. Late Start
    When a lesson is started late due to a student’s late arrival, the lesson will be completed on time and no make-up time will be offered.
    When a lesson is started late due to a teacher’s late arrival, the lesson will be completed on time and a make-up lesson for the time that was missed will be offered.
  2. Trial Lessons Ping’s Music School offers all new enrolments, who are interested in taking individual music classes, a trial lesson. The trial lesson is a single, non-lock in music class and must be paid on the day of the arranged lesson.

The charges of the trial lesson are that of the official prices for music classes at Ping’s Music School (as advertised on our website and brochures).A free trial lesson will be given for Group Classes only. No trial lesson is provided for private classes.

If you decide to further pursue music classes, after the trial lesson, we will invoice you accordingly. If, however, you decide against attending any classes then there will be no further charges for the rest of the term

  1. Long Leave
    If you will be going on a long leave (e.g.: holidays or business trips) during the school term, the timetable slot for your lesson will not be retained for you. The allocated slot for your lesson can be reserved for you only if 70% of the fees (for the time period of the leave) are paid.
  2. Feedback (Compliments, Suggestions, Complaints)
    All Staff and Teachers at Ping’s Music School aim and wish to provide you and your children the best possible service. We take any complaints about our services very seriously and will implement the proper measures to sresolve any issues that have arisen in a reasonable time frame. Any compliments or suggestions will always help us improve the quality of our services. If you are, at any time, unsatisfied with any part(s) of our services that we provide, please contact Ping (Director of Ping’s Music School) to further discuss the matter.


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