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Over the past decade, we have nurtured numerous outstanding performers. Impressively, 80% of our students  in the Grade 10 performing exams, with many earning prestigious scholarships from renowned private schools. Our students who undertake the VCE Guzheng Performing Examinations consistently secure top grades of A and A+, resulting in a 100% success rate in this field. Currently, many of our graduates are employed as instructors either within our institution or at other esteemed music establishments, continuing their journey in music education, whether professionally or as a passionate pursuit.

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Currently, our music school places significant emphasis on early childhood music education and group classes for keyboard and string instruments. Drawing from years of teaching experience, we have observed that children often find learning an instrument challenging due to unfamiliarity with reading musical scores, which can lead to feelings of boredom. To address this, we have tailored our curriculum to suit the needs of children aged 3-5, offering a foundational music program specifically designed for those with no prior musical background.

In this program, children engage in playful music activities, exploring various instruments such as the keyboard, strings, percussion, and wind instruments to spark their curiosity. Utilising body language and singing as teaching tools, we introduce fundamental music theory concepts such as musical notation, basic rhythms, and the positioning of notes on the staff, laying a strong groundwork for future instrument learning. Our beginner keyboard classes, geared towards children aged 4-6, provide a comprehensive learning experience where students not only develop keyboard skills but also enhance their musical aptitude through listening, singing, and movement activities. Through collaborative group sessions, students have the opportunity to perform together, fostering a sense of rhythm and teamwork.

Following this, students advance into a more specialised phase of instrument learning. Our teaching team consists of graduates from highly trained professional music institutions, ensuring that whether it is group classes or one-on-one private lessons, your child receives the most professional and systematic instruction.

For our Toddler Music Program, Foundation Keyboard Lesson, and Group Instrument Lessons, we offer complimentary trial lessons. Additionally, for those interested in one-on-one private lessons, the first trial session is available at a 50% discount.

We extend a warm welcome to you and your child to join us at Ping’s Music, where we embark on a journey of joyful growth together!

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About Ping’s Story

Our school established in 2011 and it is the earliest Chinese folk music school. We were focused on Chinese traditional instruments at the beginning. Over the last decade, we had so many good performer graduates from our school. 80% of our students have received Certificate Diploma of Performance, amount those students 50% pass with High Distinction. 100% VCE students received A or A+ score during their VCE music performance audition. Especially, some of our students have rewarded with high percentage scholarship and offer of Music conservatory. So far, our outstanding graduates are still working in our music and other music school as music teacher.

Currently, we are focusing on pre-schooler music education and group ensemble music. Through years’ experience, I realise that the most difficult part of music beginner found is reading the music sheet. They are easily to give up or loss interesting by try to read the music through. Our foundation music program is designed for the age group 4 to 6. During classes, students can experience all sorts different music instruments, like string instruments, key board, xylophone, Maraca, recorder.  By exploring their sound, function and basic play technique to find their interest. We will use our body movement and clap singing method to learn basic music theory, like Treble, Base Clef and the position of C to B in both clefs, basic rhythm combination. It is a really good foundation for the next step of music instruments learning.

Then we will enter the academic music instruments learning journey. Our teachers are all qualified expericed teacher from the music conservatory. No matter you are one to one private lesson or group lesson, you will get the best result of yourself.

For group lessons, we offer free trail. One to one private lessons, you can get 50% off of one hour lesson for your first time.  We are very welcome all the families join us as part of our community.

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