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Are you looking for piano lessons in Melbourne? If so, you’ve come to the right place. Here at Ping’s Music School, we welcome people of all ages, talents and abilities, and provide expert tuition to match.

We’re committed to employing the latest and most effective methods for helping budding pianists learn how to play this remarkably versatile instrument. Our goal is to create partnerships of mutual respect between teacher and student, forming the basis of a relationship that will help transform students’ piano-playing abilities. At Ping’s Music School, we see every lesson as an opportunity to build both skill and enjoyment. We want everybody who comes through our school to experience the thrill of mastering the piano.

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Learn to play the piano today!

A Wide Variety Of Piano Courses

The musical interests of students vary according to their personality and personal preferences. Some prefer piano for leisure, while others enjoy classical styles. At Ping’s Music School, we offer piano courses that cover all of the popular genres of music, including piano for leisure, jazz, blue, pop music and classical. You can choose any time to have your music exam of AMEB and ABRSM. The goal of our piano classes is to give students a background in as many different musical styles as possible. A grounding in a wide variety of types of music provides students with transferable skills and opens up a world of new possibilities for artistic expression.

Learn An Interesting And Engaging Instrument

The piano is one of the most versatile and exciting instruments that a person can play. Because of the nature of the piano, students can quickly learn to play intricate pieces, including both bass and treble, and create harmony. The range of pitches of the piano is likewise vast, offering students the opportunity to express themselves in ways that are not always possible with other instruments. Students who learn piano in Melbourne with us are often surprised and thrilled to discover just how impressive the piano can be. From grade one, they can begin exploring the sounds of different musical genres and build their repertoire.

Learn From Any Age

While some music schools believe that you can be too old to learn the piano, we don’t. At Ping’s Music School, we don’t think that there should be an age cut off for piano lessons in Melbourne. With the right approach, anyone can learn to play.

We welcome people of all ages. Children are, of course, welcome as are older adults. People sign up to lessons for many reasons: to play in a band, for enjoyment, or to pass an exam. We’re here to facilitate your goals and help you become the pianist you’ve always dreamed of being.

Focus On A Particular Style

Would you like your piano lessons, Melbourne, to focus on a particular style of music? With Ping’s Music School, you can. We offer a variety of piano lessons, including modern, jazz, classical and others. We provide you with the basic skills you need and then offer specific lessons that help you specialise. With our unique approach, you’ll learn to play the piano in a way that suits you and gives you the right kind of experience to fit in with your plans.

Classical Piano Lesson In Melbourne

Our classical piano lessons in Melbourne cover classical music created by composers over the last four centuries.

Everybody is welcome to attend our classical piano lessons, from absolute beginners to seasoned experts who want to top up their skills. We offer improvisation, comprehensive practice and theory and can enter you into a series of nationally-recognised examinations.

Modern Piano Lesson In Melbourne

Modern piano lessons cover music created by various artists over the last fifty years and include both classical and contemporary pieces. You’ll learn to play Jazz, blues, and popular music, as well as classical creations from living classical composers.

Everyone from beginners to advanced students is welcome to attend modern piano lessons at Ping’s Piano School. You’ll learn practical theory as well, enabling you to play your favourite songs.

During piano lessons, you’ll learn the importance of proper hand positions, how to create fabulous left-hand basslines, and which chord voicings work together.

Jazz Piano Lesson In Melbourne

Jazz piano lessons in Melbourne focus on teaching melody, harmony and improvisation. Jazz is all about taking musical risks. The jazz scale subverts traditional musical themes and bravely enters new realms. The purpose of jazz lessons is to help you navigate these unusual musical sounds while also creating something pleasing to the ear.

During your jazz piano classes, you’ll learn how to improvise solo over jazz harmonies, build your knowledge of advanced chords, and learn to read chord charts. Piano teachers at Ping’s Music School, build your confidence, ultimately getting to the stage where you feel confident going freestyle.

If you’d like to learn jazz piano, we accept people of all ages and abilities. Get in touch with us today to find out more, even if you have no prior experience.

Learn Piano In Melbourne For All AMEB Grading Levels

At Ping’s Music School, you don’t have to take music grades, but you can. We provide lessons for all AMEB grading, VCE and tertiary music examinations.

Students can use us for enjoyments, examinations, or both. Our piano teachers have an in-depth understanding of the piano grading process across a variety of exam bodies. Student can use our lessons for exam prep or general practice.

Our Philosophy For Learning Piano

The most important principle at Ping’s Music School is discipline. We believe that with hard work and dedication, anybody can become a master pianist, able to tackle the most challenging musical pieces. Our goal is to maximise the potential of each student who walks through our doors. We customise piano courses to individual aspirations and personalities, making us a highly effective place to learn piano in Melbourne.

Get in touch with us today and start learning to play the piano with help from one of our highly talented and professional music teachers.

  • Private Piano Lessons

    Learn for fun and/or for all levels of AMEB grading, VCE and tertiary music examinations

    We teach students to their interest be it for enjoyment or for examination. We provide preparation for AMEB, ABRSM, VCE and other examinations.

    Teachers Source: All qualified piano teachers and students from Melbourne, Monash conservatory music. Holding master and bachelor piano performance degree, have plenty of teaching experience, and are careful and meticulous.

Piano Teachers

Shania Chau

Piano Teacher

Shania Chau

Shania Chau, originally from Hong Kong, is currently pursuing a Bachelor's Degree in Music Performance with a major in Piano at Monash University. Her musical journey commenced at the age of 5, and in 2021, she achieved distinction in the ABRSM Grade 8 Piano Performance. The following year, Shania earned a merit in the ABRSM Music Theory Grade 8 and was bestowed with the Licentiate of Trinity College in the subsequent year.
Over the past two years, Shania has actively shared her passion for piano as a dedicated teacher. Under the mentorship of Ms. Tra Nguyen, a distinguished Vietnamese-British international performer, she refined her skills. Currently, Shania is under the guidance of Aura Go, the Head of Piano at the Sir Zelman Cowen School of Music and Performance at Monash University. As a passionate and enthusiastic pianist and teacher, Shania is eager to contribute her musical insights and skills to new horizons.

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