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Traditional Chinese Instrument Lessons

Western Instrument Lessons

  • Guzheng

    This is a popular traditional Chinese instrument. This palace instrument was designed to inspire tranquillity and peace, making it a truly beautiful instrument to play.

  • Pipa

    If you like a challenge, you should definitely consider learning to play the Pipa. This is probably the most challenging out of all of the Chinese instruments. It is lute that is pear-shaped, with raised frets and four strings.

  • Erhu

    This is the most popular out of all of the traditional Chinese instruments. It is a tiny instrument that packs a powerful punch!

  • Flute

    Boasting a bright and clear sound, with refinement and distinctive warmth; the flute is a great instrument to learn.

  • Piano

    The piano is a keyboard instrument that strikes strings with hammers to produce a sound. It is characterised by its capability for chords to be played freely and its large range.

  • Guitar

    From jazz to bossa nova to classical music, a classical guitar can be used to play a wide range of music. It covers an impressive range of timbres, which is why it is often dubbed a mini-orchestra.

  • Violin

    The violin is considered the ‘star’ of the music world. Whether it is the heart of the orchestra or an elegant solo; the violin shines brightly.

  • Vocals

    We also offer vocal lessons. If your voice is your best instrument, we can help you to perfect your craft.