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Violin Teachers

Dora Han

Violin Teacher

Dora Han

Dora embarked on her journey with the violin at the tender age of 4. Her passion for the instrument propelled her to pursue a degree in Violin Performance at the Xi’an Music Institute, where she honed her craft under the tutelage of renowned professors. Eager to deepen her understanding of the arts, Dora embarked on a postgraduate venture in Arts and Cultural Management at the University of Melbourne in 2022, broadening her perspective and enriching her skill set.
Throughout high school, Dora distinguished herself as the First Chair Violinist in the symphonic orchestra for 7 years. She showcased her talent on the national stage, winning the top prize in the National Performing Competition in Xiamen. She has also been invited to perform at the Beijing Tianqiao Theatre, showcasing her talent in grand productions like Bai Lu Yuan. Throughout her journey, she graced the stage in nearly 100 performances, both grand and intimate, leaving an indelible mark with her virtuosity.
With extensive teaching experience, Dora specialises in crafting tailored lesson plans to nurture each student's growth, driven by her passion for fostering engaging learning environments.

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