Guzheng Lessons

  • Private guzheng lessons

    An assessment of each student’s personal and musical characteristic is conducted to assign the most suitable teacher, who will provide a tailored teaching plan for the student.  This process establishes the style of teaching, key milestones, and degree of difficulty to match the student’s ability.  We find this personalised approach maximises the learning experience and improvement efficiency.

  • Guzheng Junior group lessons

    Suitability: age 5 to 18

    Commitment: 1-hour lesson once a week, up to 4 people

    We will separate the children based on age and current skill level.  Ping Jiang will be the main teacher for all junior group classes.  She follows the academic exam book from the China Central Conservatorium of Music with popular music included as extra curriculum.  These classes will involve regular practise sessions and rehearsals for community performances.

  • Guzheng Adult group lessons

    Suitability: adults with or without prior music experience

    Commitment: 1-hour lesson once a week, up to 4 people

    Teaching objectives: To play guzheng at a professional and/or performance level.  Systematic guzheng techniques and knowledge (tone, rhythm, hand position, sight reading, and music performance) are taught based on the National Guzheng Grading Textbook.

  • Parent-children guzheng lessons

    Suitability: Parents and children interested in learning guzheng together.

    Commitment: 1-hour lessons once a week

    Teaching objectives: Parents and children who are interested in guzheng, or parents who would like to help their children practice at home. Through parent and children classes, this creates a special environment for parents and children as they become ‘classmates and friends’, bringing parents and children together as they study and learn whilst enhancing the children’s ability and interest to learn.  This creates a very interesting combination, as parents are also eager to help their children grow.

  • VCE Guzheng Music performance Lessons

    Suitability: Private lessons offered to students who perform at Grade 8 or above and has chosen guzheng as their VCE music performance instrument.  All participants will need to pass an exam before entering this music class.

    Teaching objectives: Adhering to the requirements and needs of VCE music performance examination; playing strengthening exercises, strengthening performance skills, deepening the understanding of music, and examinations skills.  Lessons are taught by Ping Jiang, personalised teaching programs are developed according to the student’s characteristics, including executing important points, training, and when necessary, music theory and aural comprehension training.

  • Guzheng teacher training lessons

    Suitability:  Private lessons offered to current Guzheng Grade 10 and above students or current guzheng teachers who are looking to improve their teaching skills

    Teaching objectives: Start from the basic playing techniques, specific teaching methods for each skill, traditional music playing each style/methodology, music structure, teaching tonal music, etc.  A good guzheng teacher requires three core skills: a solid foundation in music theory, excellent playing skills, and ability to produce tailored teaching plans.  These three are closely related but are not the same.  Through this course, students can obtain comprehensive improvements in the above aspects.

  • Guzheng online group lessons

    For those who are time poor or reside long distances, our online zoom classes may be what you need.  We will send you a recorded video after each lesson for you to review your progress.  Assigned homework will need to be recorded and sent back to the teacher each week.   Personal feedback is provided after each practise.

Video of recorded lesson

Pricing of lessons

Junior teacher $80/hour

Senior teacher $90/hour

Principal teacher $100/per hour

VCE guzheng lesson $120/Per hour

Group lessons $40/per hour

Online zoom lesson $25/per hour

Guzheng for sale

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Guzheng for rent

We offer rental guzheng for our own students. An upfront deposit of $600-$1000 is required and a rental fee of $50-$60/ per month will be deducted from the deposit.

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Guzheng Teachers

Robbyn Tan

Guzheng Teacher

Robbyn Tan

Robbyn's journey with the guzheng commenced at the age of 7, where her talent blossomed into exceptional performances and academic achievements throughout her studies. In 2018, she attained a Grade 10 with High Distinction from the China Folk Orchestra Association, showcasing her mastery of the instrument. The following year, Robbyn clinched the top spot in the International Open Music Competition of Australia for the Young Adult Group, further solidifying her reputation as a standout musician.
Since 2018, Robbyn has been sharing her expertise through individual and group guzheng classes, catering to students of all ages and skill levels. Fluent in both English and Mandarin, she effortlessly connects with her students, earning admiration from fellow educators and parents alike for her dedicated teaching approach. Beyond imparting technical skills, Robbyn is driven by a desire to instill her passion and devotion for the guzheng in anyone drawn to this captivating musical art form.

Sheryl Lim

Guzheng Teacher

Sheryl Lim

Sheryl, originally from Singapore, is a proficient Guzheng instructor with a Certificate of Professional Performance from Nanyang Technology University of Singapore – Confucius and the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts – Central Conservatory of Music Chinese Music Exam Boards. She holds a Singapore-Cambridge GCE A Levels in Music and completed Grade 8 ABRSM Syllabus in both Practical (Piano) and Theory Exams.
As a dedicated member of the Singapore Ann Kway Association Guzheng Ensemble, Sheryl is a seasoned Guzheng performer. She brings over 5 years of teaching experience, catering to students of all ages and skill levels in both individual and group settings. She incorporates popular music into her classes, creating a dynamic and engaging learning environment, and conducts lessons in both English and Chinese. Sheryl's teaching approach integrates music theory concepts and culturally enriched methods, providing students with a well-rounded musical education and thorough preparation for their examinations.

Jiang Ping

Guzheng Teacher

Jiang Ping

Ping Jiang holds a Bachelor of Music Education degree from the Conservatorium of Music at Huaibei Normal University and completed her studies in Guzheng performance at the Conservatorium of Music of China. Mentored by renowned Guzheng performers like Zhao Shu Ping, Li Qing Feng, Zhou Zhan, and Zhou Wang, she has developed a unique performance style. Proficient in both traditional Guzheng repertoire and modern compositions, Ping delivers compelling performances with expressive musicality.
Since 2001, Ping has taught Guzheng professionally, sharing her passion for traditional folk music. She tailors her teaching methods to maximise enjoyment and learning potential, fostering appreciation for the art form. In 2013, she served as Chief Examiner for the Chinese Ethnic Orchestra Society Examinations in Australia. Since 2014, she has focused on preparing students for the Victorian Certificate of Education (VCE) Guzheng exams, with all her students achieving grades of A or above.