Guzheng Lessons & Courses

The Guzheng is certainly known as one of the most impressive instruments in the music industry. It is capable of performing melody lines, chords, and glissando. This is because of how the instrument has been designed. Our Guzheng lessons will help you to learn how to master playing this beautiful and incredible instrument.

But first, let’s provide a bit of information about what this instrument is so that you can get a better understanding. The Guzheng has a rectangular hollow wooden box, which makes up the main body of the instrument. The top of this box protrudes to a certain degree. The strings lie on the top of the body. The strings are tied across the two bridges at the end of the body.

A woman taking guzheng lessons

Guzheng Lessons & Courses

At Ping’s Music School, we offer a number of different options for those looking for Guzheng courses. This includes adult Guzheng lessons, as well as parent-child Guzheng lessons. We also provide private Guzheng lessons, short-term Guzheng performance lessons, early learning Guzheng lessons, VCE Guzheng music performance lessons, and Guzheng teacher training lessons.

All of our Guzheng teachers are highly experienced. They provide a friendly and professional service, ensuring people can learn at their own pace and enjoy the experience. We provide full information regarding the class structure, training time, and teaching objects, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us if you would like further help or assistance.

  • Adult Guzheng Lessons

    An entry Level Course for adults eager to learn guzheng. No prior experience necessary. Learn basic fingering for playing the guzheng. After studying the Jiang Ping guzheng introductory course a semester, we can gain the ability to sight read new music sheets. Experience has shown that in general, can achieve a professional level of grade 2 at the end of 2 semesters training.

    COURSE 1: Entry level course (no prior experience)
    Recruit: Adult students eager to learn guzheng
    Class Structure: Small quality class up to 3 people
    Training time: Once per week
    Teaching objectives: Learn basic fingering for playing the guzheng. After studying the Jiang Ping guzheng introductory course a semester, we can gain the ability to sight read new music sheets. Experience has shown that in general, can achieve a professional level of grade 2 at the end of 2 semesters training.

  • Private Guzheng Lessons

    With a basic assessment to consider each student’s personality characteristics; musical characteristics, physical condition and other personalised factors, the most suitable teacher will be selected to create tailored teaching plans for them.  This included the style of teaching, progress of teaching, and difficulty of teaching. With individualised teaching processes this ensures that the all areas are considered to greatly enhance the learning experience and learning efficiency.

  • Group Guzheng Lessons

    The perfect lesson for those wishing to learn for examination purposes whilst with guzheng friends.

  • Early Learning Guzheng Lessons

    A lesson specifically designed for children aged 3-5 years old. The classroom environment is spacious and comfortable, humane decoration, elegant artistic atmosphere.

  • Parent-Child Guzheng Lessons

    A course for parents and children who are interested in guzheng, or parents who would like to help their children practice at home. Through parent and children lessons, this creates a special environment for parents and children as they become ‘classmates and friends’, bringing parents and children together as they study and learn whilst enhancing the children’s ability and interest to learn.  This created a very interesting combination, as parents are also eager to help their children.

  • Short-Term Guzheng Performance Lessons

    A great lesson for studens with some basic guzheng experience, and can play a few favourite music pieces or can perform at company gatherings or other event

    Recruit: Student has some basic guzheng experience, and can play a few favourite music pieces or can perform at company gatherings or other events.
    Class Structure: One-on-one private lessons
    Training time: Once a week or multiple weekly lessons
    Teaching objectives: Complete basic zither playing techniques, able to skilfully play a few grade 3-5 pieces, and can stage performances.
    Textbook: Chinese Conservatory of Music Guzheng Grading textbook, Lin Ling editor; Guzheng introductory course, Jiang Ping arranged; guzheng classic pop songs, internet.
    Teachers Source: Outstanding teachers and students from music institutes, have plenty of teaching experience, and are careful and meticulous.
    Classroom environment: Spacious and comfortable, humane decoration, elegant artistic atmosphere.
    Registration: phone, online message, e-mail, or on-site registration, students receive a registration form and fill in their address, postcode, telephone and other contact information.
    Practicing: Other than having a good teacher, learning guzheng is about perseverance and regular practicing.
    In regards to guzheng, there are two ways to choose.  One it to purchase your own, if you can, as this will ensure best results. Ping’s Music School provides services to purchase guzheng of all sounds, material and quality.  For more details, please refer to the website’s instrument information section.
    Students can also choose to practice at the music school, after applying for a ‘practicing licence’.

  • VCE Guzheng Music Performance Lessons

    Adhering to the requirements and needs of VCE music performance examination of; playing strengthening exercises, strengthening performance skills, deepening the understanding of music, and examinations skills. Taught by Jiang Ping, individualized teaching programs and pieces are made according to the characteristics of the student.  Based on the student’s level individualised recommendations will be made, along with executing important points and intensive training; when necessary music theory and aural comprehension training may be added.

  • Guzheng Teacher Training Lessons

    Start from the basic playing techniques, specific teaching methods for each skill, traditional music playing each style/methodology, music structure, teaching tonal music, etc.  As a good guzheng teacher, it requires three basic conditions or professional skills: a solid foundation in music theory, excellent playing skills, and producing suitable teaching lesson plans.  These three are closely related, but not exactly the same. Through this course, students can obtain comprehensive improvements in the above aspects.

Guzheng Teachers

Ping Jiang


Ping Jiang

Senior AA Teacher

Ping Jiang is a guzheng teacher at Confucius Institute at the University of Melbourne. She holds a Bachelor of Music education from Conservatorium of music of Huaibei Normal University and completed her Master of Guzheng performance studies at the Conservatorium of music of Anhui Normal University.
Ping’s accomplishments to date includes:
* Silver at The Seventh Session of the National Art World Festival in 2005
* Silver at The Chang Ming Cup Guzheng competition in 2004
* Three of her students won gold at the national “China Red Composition” music competition in 2010

Lily Zhou

Junior Teacher

Lily Zhou

Junior Guzheng Teacher

Lucy Han

Senior A Teacher

Lucy Han

I began learning the Guzheng at the age of five. At the age of ten, I passed the Guzheng tenth level examination with excellent results. At the age of fifteen, I held a solo Guzheng concert for the first time. From 2007, I started to study under Wangwei, a famous Guzheng player as well as a professor in Shanghai Conservatory of Music. Having won many highest rewards in various Guzheng competitions both municipal and provincial, including one gold medal from a national competition called ‘Oriental Youth Star Art Competition’, I consider myself to have accomplished a relative high level of the Guzheng performance with a good command of playing techniques and rich stage experience.

Xue Chen

Senior A Teacher

Xue Chen

Xue Chen, born in March of 1981, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province. Graducated from Zhejiang Art School and Shanghai Conservatory Of Music on traditional zither. Been taught by Mrs Gu Xiaoyan (National First Class zither performer), Professor Yuan Li and Professor Sun Wenyan (Both professors of Shanghai Conservatory Of Music). Worked for Zhejiang Opera Theater, Zhejiang Culture Museum and Zhejiang Provincial Culture Department.

Carrie Zhang

Senior A

Carrie Zhang

Carrie has been playing Guzheng since she was 6 years old under Yue Qiu, a young famous musician in China. From 2004, she started to study under Yun Qv, who is a prominent professor in Xi An Conservatory of Music. Carrie has also been taught by Lin Ling, who was one of the eminent Guzheng players, as well as a professor in China Conservatory of music. She is currently completing a Master degree of Education at Monash University.

Interested in learning the Guzheng?