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  • Private Pipa Lessons

    With a basic assessment to consider each student’s personality characteristics; musical characteristics, physical condition and other personalised factors, the most suitable teacher will be selected to create tailored teaching plans for them.  This included the style of teaching, progress of teaching, and difficulty of teaching. With individualised teaching processes this ensures that the all areas are considered to greatly enhance the learning experience and learning efficiency.

    Teachers Source: Outstanding teachers and students from music institutes, have plenty of teaching experience, and are careful and meticulous.

    Classroom environment: Spacious and comfortable, humane decoration, elegant artistic atmosphere.

    Registration: phone, online message, e-mail, or on-site registration, students receive a registration form and fill in their address, postcode, telephone and other contact information.

Pipa Teachers

Ying Yang

Pipa Teacher

Ying Yang

Yang Ying is a professional Pipa player and graduated from Central Conservatory of music, majoring in Pipa. She studied with Pipa master and music educator Professor Lin Shicheng.
During college, she also studied the Zhongruan and the Guzheng, achieving the highest results in both instruments.
Yang Ying graduated with honours in a Bachelor of Arts degree and in the same year entered China National Traditional Orchestra as a Liuqin and Pipa player.
During her tenure at the orchestra, she participated in a number of major performances and recordings. She visited Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao.
In 1998 Yang Ying went with China National Traditional Orchestra to the musical town of Austria, and performed in the “Golden Hall” for its first Chinese New Year concert. The performance was a great success and sensationalized Austria.
In 1999, Ying Yang moved to Singapore. During her stay, she served as a Chinese music director for several elementary schools, junior high schools, and universities. Currently, Yang Ying teaches Chinese instruments at University of Melbourne.

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